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Sheers and Fine Fabrics



Sewing sheers and fine fabrics is a challenge, but it can be done.  For finishing a rolled hem edge,  or construction seams, on chiffon, lightweight knits, or slinky fabrics like lycra or spandex, sometimes the best trick is the tissue paper method. 


Dollar Stores sell 24"x36" plain white tissue paper in packs of 50 sheets for $1.00 -  this works well and is easy to get for for people.


Place a piece of tissue paper under the fabric and on top of the fabric, matching edges and serge the paper on the seams, then tear off after serging.  Having some nice serging tweezers handy helps removing any leftover "chads" of paper.


This technique is demonstrated in a sewing video from Professor Pincushion - but it works just as well for serging.


Sewing  with Chiffon and tissue paper Youtube image Sewing with Chiffon and Tissue Paper


Another good video on Serging Chiffon



Another method is to use Dritz Washaway Wonder tape folded over the edge to be serged - this seals in all those little pokey threads that often show through a serged rolled hem.  Available locally at JoAnn Fabrics stores, some Walmarts in ones that have a sewing section, and via Amazon...

Dritz Washaway Wonder Tape image



Sewing Sheers and Fine Fabrics


Many modern machines have available an accessory called a straight stitch needle plate. This is a special plate with a needle sized hole in it just for stitching straight seams in fine sheer fabrics like chiffon, satin, silks and thin knits like yours. Not all brands have it for all models.

Straight stitch needle plate image


Babylock, Janome, and Brother do for some models, not all. It keeps thin fabric from being pulled on down into the feed dogs and wadding up.


This is available from many online sources, including Sew Vac Direct for


Brother machines


Janome Machines





The Tissue Paper option also works, as others have suggested. If you order one, you must make sure to get the one that matches your machine manufacturer and model.











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