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Fabric and Quilting Hoarders


Folks who deny they have hoarded more than they could have any reasonable expectation of being able to use in their lifetime are full of excuses, "sewing for charity" "delight in chaos" and other handy denials of fact, but they Neglect to think seriously honestly about what it is like to Cleanup after a person who hoarded once they die.


Fabric hoard imageQuilting groups are full of deniers who think it is humorous, cute, and funny to encourage more of the same.


In a local fabric recycling nonprofit they get truckloads, literally weekly, delivered by grieving relatives cleaning up after the fabric-hoarding person passes away. But a very high percentage of people have no access to a place like that, so they try at first to sell it, donate it to a local quilt guild or throw it away by the dumpster.


It is the "Quilting Community'' elephant in the room that no one speaks honestly about or when they do, they're told to shut up. Imagining you may "will it" to your daughter or relative or guild is also a common daydream that generally does not go as you intended.




If you wish to change how you manage your fabric - join our Quilters Cleanup group on Facebook for tips and ideas how to best use the space you have reserved for fabric and sewing, and ideas on how to use up what you have while you are still here to enjoy it.  This group is just focused on this one topic, not a chat group, no selling - just practical tips on how to use up the fabric you have and how to practially utilize the space you have for using it. Download the QuiltersCleanup Fabric Destash list from our downloads page  for places to sell your excess fabric and quilting supplies.





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