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Sewing In The Barn | Start Here

Sewing In The Barn is an Educational site for your easy

Sewing and Serging reference, we do not sell any products.
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Start Here imageIf you are new to using a serger, or just bought your first one, here are the steps to do in order, once you open the box.




Oil your machine before using - they buried this instruction on page 57 of the User Manual --- How to OIL your serger


Yes you can use Singer Sewing Machine oil, but NOT WD40 or other household oils like 3 in 1 ---- use only Sewing Machine Oil - it will say it clearly on the label. Brand does not matter. Singer sewing machine oil is readily available in many locations.


2. Starter Thread - comes threaded from the Factory for a specific reason
3. Label your settings  - so you know what part you are looking at, and asking questions about
Before learning to Thread your Serger - watch this tutorial and work through it to understand your TENSION settings    This will help you avoid many common rookie errors ....

Now take the time to watch these Youtube videos for HOW TO THREAD YOUR SERGER from scratch. 


Learning to do it properly, and repeating the process enough times to make it easy will give you full functionality using your new machine. 


Many folks say to just "tie-on" to the threads already in the machine, but you will have to rethread all 4 cones once a thread breaks or you jam your machine.

About Your Chaining Forks And Needleplate
Seven part Serger Techniques series from Brother on How To Use All The Functions of Your Serger





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Amy Alan's Beginner Serger Class DVD ordering info from Craftsy
Threading and Thread
What is the difference between a Serger and a Coverstitch machine
Why is my stitching all wavy?
Why Use Scraps?
Brother Serger Users in case you are looking for info how to remove your case for maintenance - we have posted a new page on the site





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