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Sewing In The Barn | Thread and Threading

Sewing In The Barn is an Educational site for your easy

Sewing and Serging reference, we do not sell any products.
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Thread and Threading
Thread - colors, kinds, and where to buy

Decorative Threads in your Serger

Amy Alan shows Using Decorative Thread at about minute marker 5:25


Serger Thread Color Charts

Using Stretch Thread in the Loopers only provides a very soft finished edge for baby clothing and layette items.
Threading Your Serger

One of the most common remarks from new users, is:

"I have threaded my machine 100 (or more) times and cannot get it right."


You really need to leave that attitude at the door and just keep practicing until you get it right.

If you follow a threading video and do it along with the video, starting and stopping and repeating as needed, over and over again for one sit-down session of it, you will learn to thread (and change thread colors) your serger easily.

On Youtube, type in your Serger Model name and threading.

I have taught thousands of people how to do it this way.

This enables you to use your serger without anxiety about threading.



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