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Sewing In The Barn | Why Use Scraps?

Sewing In The Barn is an Educational site for your easy

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Using Scraps

Use scraps to determine the best settings for your machine. Even though we may have the "same" machine, they are independently different... so many factors play into the settings. Just take scraps of the fabric you are using and play around with the settings and dials. That's the best way to learn your machine.

One of our users adds: I've also noticed that the settings that work for someone else won't necessarily work for me.  Everyone's machine has had a different level of usage, maintenance (or lack of it) and most often they are not using the same exact materials you are.

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Definitely test on scrap pieces and then write those settings down in your Serger Jorunal for that particular material so then you don't need to retest when you work with that material on a future date.

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Why Use Scraps?



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