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Sewing In The Barn Mask Making Production Process

Sewing In The Barn is an Educational site for your easy

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Mask Making Production Setup


Most cotton fabric yardage comes in 42" or 45" wide, if using full width of fabric, lay out your cutplan to get the most mask sets out of one width of fabric cut.

(Click image to enlarge view)

6x9surgicalmaskcutplan image


Production Mask Making Tips

Batch Sewing Fitted Fabric Mask with Metal Nose Bridge


Craft Passion Mask

Cut a whole stack.

Set up to sew.
Chain sew the whole stack for stage 1 of construction.
Prep stage 2 for the whole stack.
Perform stage 2

(this depends on pattern... I’m going to use Craft Passion Mask this comes in 5 sizes for this example)...
So cut your three layers of fabric for CP
(lay them in the correct order to not have to handle them again,
cut all three at once with rotary cutter,
stack zig zag style so you can pick the three up easily as you sew them).
Chain stitch all the cut masks lining

(I suggest you make them all one size, cut twenty or so).
Chain stitch all cut masks outer fabric.
Turn all the linings, push centre seam out as you do it to form a neat seam
Turn all the outers, push seam out so it lies flat,
then pick up a liner, put together ready for sewing.

Now you’ll slow down.... Sew lining and outers together, do whole stack.

Turn off machine/stop.... you are now going to turn all those masks around right side out...
Get out iron... iron flat and roll out any seams while you do for all the masks.
Iron the outer fabric into place for the cord/elastic channel.
Jump back on machine, top stitch, nose wire stitch
(I don’t put a bias tape on, I sew a channel directly into the fabric and snip Lining to insert the wire) do whole stack

Sit in front of Netflix or your choice of entertainment with a good elastic hook and insert elastics and tie.
Label size on package.

You are performing each full function at each stage for the whole stack.
You then move onto the next full process step.
You aren’t up and down to machines and this and that.
You aren’t feeling around for elastic and stopping and starting.
You aren’t swapping thread colours (don’t! Make a whole raft of ones that can use same threads
Plan all the cut outs of your fabrics this way),
you aren’t working out which size do I have here or there...

compiled by Lani Washburne

Supply Links - Spreadsheet - Where to get items


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