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Sewing In The Barn

Sewing In The Barn is an Educational site for your easy

Sewing and Serging reference, we do not sell any products.
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Serging and Sewing For Production:


If you sell, protect yourself.


Don't get left holding the bag on Custom Orders


Holding the bag imageHow much time do you give a client to pick up their custom unpaid order
I have client who will not respond or meet and it has now been 4 weeks.


Include written statement on your invoice that articles

It is a rookie mistake in business to accept a custom order without clearly having a written policy on the invoice and a certain percentage up front 50% or more payment for all materials in advance.

Check your local small claims court for the legal options detailing how long you must keep it for them to "claim" before trying to sell or donate or dispose of it. But you will probably not get a dime back from the person who ordered it.

In small claims court the burden of accountability is on the vendor who is expected to know how to do business, more than on a customer "being expected to be a decent person."

That is generally how courts lean in cases like this. The person accepting a contract to make a custom item falls in that category.

Bullet imageRequire at least a 50% deposit for the materials before starting work.

Bullet imageProvide a time estimate with dates written on the deposit receipt for how it will take to complete the order.

Bullet imageRequire a storage fee in writing on the deposit receipt if not picked up within two weeks of completion date.

Bullet imageInclude the words "Not responsible for unclaimed items left longer than 30 days" prominently (not in fine print) both on the deposit receipt and Invoice


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Don't Blame The Equipment: Use the right tool for the right job!

Easy Fabric Baskets

If you are organizing your sewing space as part of your New Year routine, consider these easy to make Fabric Baskets. 


You can customize them to fit your shelving or put them below decks under your sewing or cutting tables.

Fabric Baskets image Fabric Baskets image



Here's the link to the directions for how to make them






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