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Adding Pony Beads

to mask ear loops


Pony Beads

(bulk order)

for mask stays

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AtwoodRope.com 5/32" mask elastic

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ElastiShield Nosewires


Pleating Forks for

3 pleat surgical masks

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Sewing In The Barn Mask Breakaway Lanyard

Sewing In The Barn is an Educational site for your easy

Sewing and Serging reference, we do not sell any products.
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A velco tab breakway lanyard children's mask use

can really help them not lose so many masks. 

To make it easier for children's use,

spring type lanyard clips are better than

the stiff pinch clips used in the example design.


Materials :  36" lanyard cloth tape

(see how to make this below)

or 36"x1/2" twill tape

Lobster claw clasps

Velco squares 1/2"x1/2"


Making matching fabric lanyard tape


If you are using matching fabric,

take a  2" wide x36" long piece

fold in half lengthwise, and press. 


Trim off selvedge ends.

Fold ends 1/4" inward and press.


Next, press each half lengthwise to the inside again (so this looks like bias tape now) and press to the inside.


Final width will be 1/2" 


One or two rows of top-stitching down the whole length of the tape. A great way to use decorative stitches on your machine!


Slide one lobster claw onto the fabric lanyard tape.


Take one velcro square and sew to each end of the lanyard tape so they match to each other without twisting the length of the cloth lanyard tape. 


Match the tape closed and place the lobster claw clasp in the center bottom of the tape. 


Measure about 2" up from the center fold and stitch across both sides of the lanyard tape so it captures the lobster claw clasp in the center bottom of the lanyard tape at the opposite end of the velcro tabs.


Breakaway lanyard image Photos and original desing by Misty AikinBreakaway lanyard image Breakaway lanyard image
Lobster Claw Clasp image Lobster Claw clasps are available at Walmart, Michael's Craft Stores, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's  as well as on Amazon.  



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